Micha Poddig

Manager Thinktank and Economic Researcher



Poddig, M. & Schlüter, J.. Following Silicon Valley: In search of the recipe for building a high-tech cluster. submitted@Journal of Regional Science

Books & Technical Reports

Technical Report: Machbarkeitstudie zur Ansiedlung von Hochtechnologien in Schleswig-Holstein.

Projects Involved

  • Smart SH

    In a comparison of the German states, Schleswig-Holstein scores below average on indicators such as gross domestic product per employee and research and development spending. One possible remedy against such scenarios is to provide impetus for technological innovations that have an impact on both economic growth and industrial development.

Research fields involved

Technology Economics

Economic development also depends heavily on the regions` capacity for innovation. Individual technologies or the interaction of various technology players creates an environment in which disruptive technologies trigger structural disruptions.


The behavior of individuals and firms in decisions about the allocation of scarce resources is studied in economic models. Thus, microeconomics forms the theoretical basis of the other research fields.