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Renewable energies lead to strong fluctuations on the markets. Accordingly, these have to be analyzed and understood more precisely in order to supply the economy with energy and to maintain its functionality.

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    Wind energy is gaining an ever-increasing share in the electricity mix of many countries. Our goal is to estimate the wholesale price and thus provide planning certainty in the markets and reduce the impact of wind energy fluctuation. For these analyses, we treat offshore and onshore wind energy as variables to be considered and their impact on the European Energy Exchange. Using these models, we can identify various parameters and how they affect wholesale electricity prices.

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Lichter, J., Hosius, E., Wacker, B., & Schlüter, J. C. (2020). Der Einfluss von Offshore-Windenergie auf die EEX-Strompreise. Zeitschrift für Energiewirtschaft, 44, 85-99.


Hosius, E., J., Seebass, J., V., Wacker, B., Schlüter, J. C.. The Impact of Offshore and Onshore wind Energy on European Wholesale Electricity Prices submitted@Energy Economics

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