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Data Science Researcher

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v. Rosenberg, V. H. I., Sörensen, L., & Schlüter, J. C., The Role of the Paratransit Sector in the Public Transport Systems of Latin American Cities

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  • Transport in Metropolitan Areas

    Transportation in the megacities has a multitude of problems. One of the core problems is the inadequate public transportation system which leads to a multitude of other problems such as extreme traffic congestion, long commute times, air pollution or even fatal traffic accidents. The external cost of these consequences is a high damage to the economic development of these cities. With the continuous growth of these cities, this research area is continuously gaining importance to provide for a more sustainable world.

    Simulations for future Transport Systems

    Disruptive developments in automated driving systems, new drive concepts and digital mobility are shaping the way people in rural and urban areas. In combination with these technical potentials, novel mobility concepts can improve people`s everyday mobility of people in terms of both cost efficiency and sustainability. In addition, the challenges of demographic change and urbanization can be and negative developments can be mitigated.

    Demand Responsive Transport Systems in Urban Areas

    The most flexible DRT system is a door-to-door service. This offers a high degree of flexibility and thus ensures a comprehensive understanding of the users routes. Accordingly, such a system can also achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction, as there is no need to change. Depending on the system the pooling rate and the resulting detours can be problematic.