Michael Jayalath

Economic Researcher

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  • Transport in Metropolitan Areas

    Transportation in the megacities of the has a multitude of problems. One of the biggest core problems is the inadequate public transportation system which leads to a multitude of other problems such as extreme traffic congestion, long commute times, air pollution, fatal traffic accidents. The external cost of these consequences is a high damage to the economic development of these cities. With the continuous growth of these cities, this research area is continuously gaining importance to provide for a more sustainable world.

    Transfer Project 2:
    Medical Technology

    Status: Before Take Off

Research fields involved


Strengthening public transport is an essential contribution to the mobility turnaround. Digitalization enables a better understanding between supply and demand.


The behavior of individuals and firms in decisions about the allocation of scarce resources is studied in economic models. Thus, microeconomics forms the theoretical basis of the other research fields.